There has been no interest from others in contributing to this site, so I have stopped adding my rides to it. If you wish information about routes that are suitable for handcycling in a specific area of the country contact me and I will do my best to find someone who can offer advice.

Following a comment made on the HandcyclingUK group, I thought that it would be useful to have a resource where handcyclists could share those routes that they found interesting and challenging or thought would be useful to others. I have therefore started this site with some routes that I have ridden recently on my handcycle, with some words as to their suitabilty, difficulty etc. Those I have created  are, or will be, mapped on - those submited by others may be in various formats.

I do not want this to be "routes I have ridden" site, so I am relying on others to help out with content. If you have any routes, no matter what length or difficulty, that you wish to share please let me know and I will add them. Maps, photographs, comments etc are all eagerly awaited.

Even if you don't have any routes, photographs of you on a handbike or of handcyclists touring etc would be welcome, as the majority of my photographs are of racing. These will make the site more interesting.

This is currently "a work in progress" so if you spot any typo's or other mistakes or have any thoughts on what should be on this site, let me know.


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